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Paraman has founded his organization Malarchi, that touches and lifts life of fellow human being. Malarchi creates a wave of transformation in the life of Tamil people. Malarchi makes difference in life of people through its courses and follow up programs.

Paraman is the Editor of the Tamil monthly 'Valarchi' which helps people on self development and growth.

'Manappalagai', 'Agamum Puramum', 'Udal Valartheny Uyir Valartheny...', 'Valarchi Vidhaigal', 'Manakkeni' and 'Karkai Nandrey' are the Tamil books authored by Paraman.

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5 Rating

Vanakkam Ayya How was your Covai trip? We could see some excellent photos taken there in the group. I wanted to share my experience with Malarchi Mahamudra. The whole process is so peaceful and calming, I am able to feel the stillness, some kind of a vibration some energy buss around the face and palms and soles. After the whole process and extremely alert and increased focus. Thank you for initiating this process.

5 Rating

GM paraman Just saw two of your videos on YouTube.. I'm not even able to comprehend how lucky I'm to be in touch with you .. How you decipher life?! Breaking down life to it's simplest form and making it easy for everyone around.. Your understanding and knowledge is awe inspiring.. Truly honoured and blessed to be in touch I surrender to my Guru J Stay blessed Paraman Love you so much

5 Rating

Dear Paraman, My Learnings from Yesterday Parenting Workshop. I understood lot of things about my kids and learned how to go along with them in their world. Because of over expectations and restrictions they are not ready to come to me. I started working in self-image, I will share my results in my next message. I realized that I am blessed with a lot of Positive people around me. Thank you Paraman ! Love You !!


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